JF Bodart

B-Estates Real Estate Sales & Marketing Consultancy

My Business? Develop Yours!

Strong affinity for Sales & (Digital) Marketing & Data!

Specialised in Real Estate, HR and Marketing!

With over 15 years experience in (new) Business Development, Sales Management & Marketing, I have learned that each customer is different and customization is always crucial. Thinking out-of-the-box, trying new things, efficiency, personal touch, ... are key in achieving this.


My drive is to develop your (new) business!

My moto is "Perfect Data + Smart Marketing = Efficient Sales”!


A few keywords:

teamplayer and independent

dynamic, motivated and dedicated

flexible, curious and eager to learn


Let’s meet!



B-Estates bvba/sprl | Pastoor Delestréstraat 44, 1850 Grimbergen | BE0842.530.320


jf.bodart@b-estates.be | +32 474 96 80 22